Across the Strait…or Nothing turns out the way you expect

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We crossed the Strait of Juan de Fuca, on a day that was supposed to have winds from 5-15kts. We wanted a bit of wind to keep us on track with the currents, but not enough to be too challenging on our first big water adventure.
Well, it turned out to be more like 5kts or less and we ended up motoring most of the way. The swell was larger than anything we’ve yet experienced, the view fantastic, but overall underwhelming. Much less drama than we’d predicted. IMG_8480
We headed for Orcas Island and then to Sucia — the most remote we’ve been so far. We were anchored in Echo Bay with 30 or so other boats, so it didn’t feel very remote. But the mosquitos were tremendous. The size of small sparrows. Ok not really, but they were numerous and aggressive as we walked through the shaded woods. Sucia is beautiful and had a unique feel to the rest of the PNW islands we’ve yet visited. I imagine it would incredible, if less crowded.  We then choose a day with actual wind — something that becomes illusive here in the PNW in summer — and crossed Rosario Strait to Bellingham. This was a rollicking ride! About 15-20kts of wind at F3-4 (except when we were suddenly becalmed now and then — in the lee of this or that) and it was lovely.
We are now in Fairhaven, near Bellingham and spending some time resupplying. My family is coming to town in a couple weeks, and we’d like to get a few more projects out of the way before they see the boat.
One of those projects was to switch the food storage in a locker under the settee on starboard to another on port. Easy right? Not with an almost 2 year old underfoot, rearranging all your piles of canned goods. And not when you find mildew fuzzing a bunch of the cans.  So, it was cleaning, rearranging, reorganizing, etc, etc, for quite a while this morning. Then, just as I had placed all the cans carefully in, labels out for easy identification…I spilled a bag of oats down into the locker! Ieieieieieiei!
Out came all the cans. Sweeping a weirdly shaped locker is difficult at the best of times. I repacked the locker and turned to put the trashcan full of oats into the locker below the sink…when it tipped and splashed those tiny bits of annoyance all over the inside of the locker below the sink. Loud expletives! Many loud expletives!!!
Half an hour later…with the almost 2 year old still adding to the fun and disorganization, the project was nearing completion. Food was moved from one locker to another. Whew! Sometimes a simple task on a boat becomes a mammoth project that results in a sore spirit…not to mention a sore back!
But as we emerged from the boat later, as the kids were napping, we were treated to two 16th century Brigantines having a canon duel in Bellingham Bay. So, yeah, it’s not all mundane.


Gene even rowed out to get a closer look!


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