Adventure Mat

We're excited to have a new product, Adventure Mat, here in the Schooner Chandlery. Boaters face some unique and unexpected challenges to the enjoyment of their sport and travel lifestyle. Sailors traveling to unfamiliar marinas often face sketchy shower facilities. Countless times, in the online forums, sailors ask the same question "what do you stand on when getting dressed in a marina shower?" These facilities seldom have seating and at some point the sailor wants to go from wet feet in shower shoes to dry feet in street shoes, it's a little puzzle we share with other outdoor enthusiasts, sport and gym users. After a day of rowing, canoeing, dinghy sailing, or kayak paddling the same issues for our feet arise but this time next to our cars as we try to change from wet boat shoes into street shoes while drying and keeping our feet clean.

Outdoor enthusiast and Adventure Mat designer Ralph Kuhlmeier sums it up:

There is a small, sweet moment that all outdoor enthusiasts share. You reach the trailhead after a long hike or run in the mountains, step off your bike after hours of riding, ski or board back to your car after a long day in uncomfortable ski boots, and change out of your gear. We all know this feeling! Your feet are tired, sore, and sweaty. Is there anything better than tugging off your boots and peeling the socks off your exhausted feet?

Instead of enjoying that moment fully, you're now awkwardly balancing on your shoes to avoid the mud, dirt, or snow. The serene flow of endorphins is interrupted by frustration as you fall off your shoes, get your feet dirty, and try to regain your balance. Luckily, there is a better way to change out of your gear - get yourself an Adventure Mat.


Simple one-handed fold • Always clean on top • Compact storage

How to fold Adventure Mat

Easy to fold up with just one hand.


If you love outdoor adventures, sailing, and boating and are tired of the hassle of balancing on your shoes or using a newspaper, car mat, or towel to change in and out of your footwear, join us in using Adventure Mat. It is a lightweight rubber surface that quickly folds into a compact 7x7-inch square with the use of just one hand, while never getting dirty on top. You can keep it in your car or bag and quickly pull it out as a clean refuge for your feet while you change your footwear. Hang out barefoot in your lawn chair to drink a cold beverage after a bike ride or dinghy sail, take a solar shower at camp, or dust off your sandy feet at the beach on this easy-to-pack mat.

It's the smart way to change outdoors – simple to use, always clean on top, and when you’re done it can be folded up with just one hand and tucked away. No awkward balancing or mess. Plus, there are countless other uses for the Adventure Mat, from showering and laying out gear to preparing meals and playing games.

Enjoying the outdoors just got that much more enjoyable.

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