West Coast Here We Come!

  Another day is done as we inch closer to the end of the charter season. August 2nd will be our last charter before we take a much needed three … Read More

Up the Mast

  If you have a sailboat, sooner or later someone’s going to have to go up the mast. Maybe to check the rigging, maybe to fix something, or maybe to … Read More

Two Out Of Three

  WE’VE SOLD OUR CONDO!! “My clients would like to buy your place!” Sweeter words have never been heard – at least by three landlocked cruisers-at-heart. At the beginning of … Read More

A Steady View

[embedded content] I was looking around for a photo and found this video taken while motoring along on a calm and beautiful sunny June day in Glacier Bay National Park … Read More

Cat in Charge

Life is hard for the ship’s cat it seems.  It remains a constant struggle for Beryl to identify the most important bit of kit to lay upon to assure that … Read More

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