What is Irish Flax Felt?

Irish Flax Felt under Copper on Keel

Irish Flax Felt, commonly known as Irish Felt or Ship’s Felt, it is a product that was originally made in Belfast, Ireland. It is composed of jute or flax felt that is asphalt or bitumen saturated. In the marine industry where it is known as “ship’s felt” it is used in many ways. It is a traditional material to lay between layers of planking, particularly used in double cross-planked bottoms. It is also used under copper bottom sheathing. Some boatbuilders have used it between the worm shoe and keel or similarly between other large structural wood elements. It also is used by some mariners as underlayment for canvas used in canvas decks or canvas cabintops. Because of the way it is made and its flexibility, in the roofing industry it is a great product in tie in between old and new roofs and around drains. It has been used for shower pans and to waterproof around protrusions in a roof that might be the attachment point for a sign (or a drain, masonry wall, deck flashing, etc).

This particular black sheathing is made from very long jute fibers and bitumen. These unique longer jute fibers exhibit superior tensile strength and conformity to odd shapes. Use as Ship’s Felt or use as an underlayment with hot asphalt to flash around scuppers, vents, drains, masonry walls, shower pans and all deck flashings. Great for adjoining new and old roof surfaces together. 32″ wide and up to 82′ long. Purchase by the foot.  Inquire for a discount if purchasing in quantity.  Product weighs .27 lbs/linear foot. Actual shipping will be determined and an invoice sent for payment, shipping costs included with this product are estimated.  Buy Irish Flax Felt here.

Irish Flax Felt

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