La Granvillaise, a Normandy Traditional Fishing Boat

Source: Chine Blog

Can we interest you in a bisquine, a traditional fishing boat of Normandy? She’s a beauty, and an original one at that. She goes by the name LA GRANVILLAISE and hails from the town of Granville, France, on the norther coast of Normandy. She was restored by a non-profit organization that now maintains and sails her, in the area and at the big French traditional boat gatherings. This picture of her was hanging in a park in Paris and caught the eye of the ever-astute Mr. Chine bLog Sr. That lug rig is so handsome, while that jib on the long bowsprit adds great flair. She’s solid-looking too.

La Granvillaise, a bisquine, a traditional fishing boat of Normandy.

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