Lars Sørbø Sailing

Several of the Schooner Chandlery marketplace makers are also sailors and boat owners.  Freebag designer and company owner Lars Sørbø is out and about sailing southward away from his home waters near Oslo, Norway.

Norway is located in the North Atlantic on the Scandinavian Peninsula. In the east it borders with Sweden and in the north-east with Finland and Russia. Geographically the country is very striking, and contains dramatic mountain ranges, forests and fjords. Galdhøpiggen is the highest peak at 2,469 meters, and there are 25 other peaks over 2,300 meters. Norway is surrounded by about 150,000 islands, including Jan Mayen in Greenland and the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The coast is very impressive with many islands, islets, inlets and fjords that cut into the mainland. Together with the fjords, bays and islands of the Norwegian Atlantic coast, the coastline measures over 80,000 km in total.

Lars just shared a “Gutta på tur!” (the boys on a trip) photo on his Facebook page July 5th.
Lars Sailing

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