NY40 MARILEE: Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic

“NY40 MARILEE: Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic” tells the story of a piece of American nautical history and of the genius of an iconic yacht designer. The 1926 Nathanael Herreshoff-designed NY40 MARILEE recently underwent a complete restoration by French & Webb in Belfast, Maine. This two-year-plus restoration was tremendously successful due to the collaborative effort of many artisans, engineers, curators and crew whose passion and commitment to the project were beyond compare. This was not your ‘typical’ restoration of a wooden classic. Modern innovations and engineering were combined with meticulous and artistic craftsmanship. With access to the original Herreshoff Manufacturing Company’s building plans and documents archived at MIT’s Hart Nautical Collections, this restoration turned out to be an amazing yacht with an equally amazing story. This film has been made available to the public by the current custodian of MARILEE.

Some great screenshots of the restoration:

To see the entire restoration and two seasons of sailing, go view the full 37-minute movie on YouTube here!

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