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How to build a wooden boat
How to Build a Wooden Boat — David C McIntosh

David C. “Bud” McIntosh was a designer, builder, and sailor of large and small wooden cruising boats. He made his home on New Hampshire’s Piscataqua River, where he was teacher and friend to both amateur and professional boatbuilders. The author built wooden boats for over 50 years and shares his knowledge about traditional, practical, plank-on-frame boat construction. Literate, warm, encouraging, insightful. Wonderfully illustrated by Sam Manning.

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A Dream of Tall Ships
A Dream of Tall Ships: How New Yorkers Came Together to Save the City’s Sailing-Ship Waterfront

A Dream of Tall Ships—How New Yorkers came together to save the city’s sailing-ship waterfront by Peter & Norma Stanford, with an introduction by John Stobart, is a lively account of a great urban adventure beginning in the 1960s with two New Yorkers committed to creating a maritime museum in Manhattan’s old sailing ship waterfront—the South Street Seaport Museum. Hardcover, 565 pages Sea History Press ISBN 0930248171 (ISBN13: 9780930248178) FREE SHIPPING

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An Unlikely Voyage by John Almberg
An Unlikely Voyage by John Almberg
An Unlikely Voyage by John Almberg

Subtitled 2000 miles alone in a small wooden boat, author John Almberg’s story, An Unlikely Voyage, is about his trip down the US east coast in his Thomas Gilmer designed gaff rigged yawl Blue Moon (see below for link to plans). We’ve placed this in our “good read” category for good reason: Almberg entertains. He also sprinkles his sketches throughout the book. We would not have complained had there been a few more of those. The tag line: “It’s never too late for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.” by John Almberg. 317 pp., softcover

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Boatbuilding Howard Chapelle
Boatbuilding; a complete handbook of wooden boat construction

Boatbuilding is a practical handbook and boatshop assistant, designed and written to meet the needs of the builder, covering the complete process of wooden boat construction.

About the Author

Howard I. Chapelle (1901-1975) was an American naval architect, and curator of maritime history at the Smithsonian Institution. In addition, he authored many books and articles books on maritime history and marine architecture, including Yacht Designing and Planning, Boatbuilding: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction, The History of American Sailing Ships,The History of the American Sailing Navy: The Ships and Their Development, American Small Sailing Craft, and many more.

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Building a Greenland Kayak, Mark Starr
Building a Greenland Kayak

Building a Greenland Kayak takes readers step-by-step through the construction process developed by the author and Mystic Seaport boatbuilders to teach their popular kayak-building classes at the Museum. The design is derived directly from surviving Greenland craft, five of which are featured in the appendix. Adapted for the use of simple hand tools and a description of how to make a Greenland-style paddle.

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building a greenland kayak cunningham
Building the Greenland Kayak : A Manual for Its Contruction and Use

This step-by-step guide to building a lashed-frame, fabric covered sea kayak is both a means to a sleek, fast, universally admired boat and an excellent introduction to woodworking and boat building for hobbyists.

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Cornell's Ocean Atlas for Cruising
Cornell's World Atlas for Cruising
Cornell’s Ocean Atlas

The first significant innovation in pilot charts an essential tool for passage planning since pilot charts were developed by Lieutenant Maury of the US Navy in the mid-1800s. Check the link for the latest sales and prices for this book via book sellers.

This incredible atlas is the best climatological set of information that mariners operating at all levels from professional merchant master mariners to the casual cruisers MUST have alongside Bowditch. Well laid out by the consummate professional that Jimmy Cornell is. Bravo Zulu! —Lee Chesneau


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Joseph Conrad at Mystic Seaport Museum
Cruise of the Conrad
Cruise of the Conrad by Alan Villiers

Cruise of the Conrad, a best seller in 1937, is the journal of a voyage round the world in the fully-rigged ship JOSEPH CONRAD, 212 tons, in the years 1934, 1935 and 1936 by way of Good Hope, the South Sea, ahead of the Roaring Forties to the East Indies, on to Singapore, driven by the South East Monsoon and north about Australia and New Zealand, finally rounding Cape Horn before returning home after two years.

Alan Villiers was well qualified for the venture after rounding Cape Horn six times in grain ships and serving in whaling barques in the Tasman Sea. He took with him a heterogeneous collection of mariners and schoolboys, 32 all told. He was a fair and egalitarian Master and looked after the interest of his crew.

The voyage of the JOSEPH CONRAD is the truthful story of a great voyage, packed with adventure, how they were blown on the Brooklyn Rocks in a blizzard, the near loss of the vessel on Wari reef and overall the joy of a fine ship with a possible 10,000 square feet of sail to challenge the elements. JOSEPH CONRAD is now preserved in the Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut.

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Making Hand Tools by Harry Bryan

Learn how to make a bunch of useful tools from an experienced boatbuilder, teacher, and hand tool devotee. Includes a rabbet plane, pencil dividers, slick, bevel gauge, woodworking vice, smoothing plane, step bits, rabbeting chisel, and chain clamps.

This is a compilation of some of Harry’s past articles in WoodenBoat.

32 pp., softcover
8.5 x 11″
ISBN: 978-1-934982-02-0

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Sailing a Serious Ocean book by John Kretschmer
Sailing a Serious Ocean

John Kretschmer, a professional sailor and writer, has logged more than 300,000 offshore sailing miles, including 20 transatlantic and two transpacific passages. He is the author of At the Mercy of the Sea, Flirting with Mermaids, and Cape Horn to Starboard, all seagoing classics. He is longtime contributing editor to Sailing magazine, was a sailing/travel columnist for the Miami Herald for 10 years, and writes regularly for Southern Boating and Cruising World. He has weathered several storms at sea, and teaches aspiring bluewater voyagers in seminars, lectures, and training voyages. John lives in Florida.

Available Kindle Edition and Hardcover.

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