While electronic navigation chart advances are an important milestone in the science of nautical navigation, mariners carry on the traditions associated with navigation by plotting a position and a course on a paper nautical chart. This is done using traditional marine navigation tools, including: compasses, chart dividers, rulers, protractors, sextants, chart plotters, binoculars, chronometers, star finders, and more.

Many navigation officers and smaller recreational vessels continue to work with traditional nautical charts to navigate and plot their courses using the same basic, yet ingenious, nautical tools used by ocean-sailing mariners for centuries. It is important that mariners remain knowledgeable on the use of these navigation tools in case the need arises to use paper nautical charts. It is good seamanship for mariners to know how to use these nautical tools work and to pass on that information to the new mariners. High-quality modern nautical tools also make great gifts for anyone with a love of maritime history. Any sailor who uses traditional navigation techniques would appreciate receiving these items as a gift.

weems & plath 3250 navigation kit
Weems & Plath Professional Mariner’s Kit

Item No. 3250 Professional Mariner's Kit

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weems & plath navitote
Weems & Plath NaviTote

Item No. 325 NaviTote

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star finder kit weems & plath
Weems & Plath Star Finder 2102-D & Star Finder Book Kit

Item No. 150-152 Star Finder 2102-D & Star Finder Book Kit

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celestial naivigation star finder book
Weems & Plath Star Finder Book

Item No. 152 Star Finder Book

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Weems & Plath star finder
Weems & Plath Star Finder 2102-D

Item No. 150 Star Finder 2102-D

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Elegant Navigation Tools Set
Elegant Navigation Tools
Elegant Navigation Set by Weems & Plath

These timeless, traditional precision instruments are like the ones you might see in the world'­s finest maritime museums or on board a square rigged ship over one hundred years ago.

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515 Crystal Magnifier Weems & Plath
Crystal Magnifier Weems & Plath

This handsome optical-grade crystal magnifier features a compass rose making it perfect for use with nautical charts.

“Until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, you will not know the terror of being forever lost at sea.”  Charles Cook

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