1. Free Membership and No Listing Fees

Membership is free for active sellers and there are no listing fees. We simply take a 3% commission on each item that you sell.

2. You Can Share Your Story and Your Brand

You can create a detailed profile letting customers know who you are and what makes you and your products unique. We will do everything we can to promote you, your mission, and your products through our ongoing marketing efforts.

3. Be Part of a Unique Nautical Community

Become part of a online community of sellers with nautically-centered wares, services, and missions. Sell confidently alongside others in this community.  If you'd like, set up a reseller store to support your favorite nautical cause!

Marketplace Seller FAQ

How does selling in the Schooner Chandlery work exactly?
Think of it like Amazon meets Etsy meets an opportunity to support your favorite nautical causes. List your hand made wares if you’re an artist or if you have a business that sells your own products/services, list your inventory with us.  If you fit in the category of nautical cause such as historic ship owner, maritime museum, ocean conservation organization, seafaring adventurer, or yacht club, you can open a reseller shop or list your own branded items with us for your members or the public to purchase.

How much does it cost to list items?
Nothing at all. To become an active Seller and to list your products is absolutely free.

Is there a commission on items I sell?
Yes, we charge just a 3% commission on every sold item’s sale price, which is calculated on purchase. There are no listing fees ever.

Do customers have to register for Paypal or another system to pay for my products?
No special log in and special payment system!  It is easy for your customer to securely purchase your products and pay with credit card, debit card, even bitcoin -- without using Paypal or registering on a competing payment platform.  They can make purchases here as guests or they can create an account that helps them keep track of their purchases or become a seller, too.

Are there other costs?
The credit card processing/payment gateway used, Stripe, also charges their standard processing fees and these are the same, or less than, competing payment gateways such as Paypal. If you're not planning on selling on our platform but you'd like us to host an advertising presence for you, we offer that at $9.99/month or $100/year. Finally, if you are not a maker, selling vintage items, or nautical cause but you would still like to open a reseller store here on our platform, you can contact us to put your name on our wait-list and we'll email you about that program when we launch it.

How is Billing/Invoicing handled?
Our system is unique. It allows multiple sellers to add products to the marketplace. A customer can add items from multiple sellers to their Cart, and upon checkout, appropriate shipping and taxes are applied. Once the purchase is made, each seller immediately receives the appropriate amount from the sale via Stripe, minus the commission. Unless you want Schooner Chandlery to handle the payment for you, your customers will see your store name on their credit card or debit card receipt.  You are building a direct relationship with your customers, we are just providing you a venue to do so.

Do I have an Admin area to manage my products and sales?
Yes, you manage everything from the Seller Dashboard.

How does this work if I already have a website? 
Your Schooner Chandlery store is a website and advertising platform all in one. Whether or not you have a blog or website, selling in Schooner Chandlery lets you display your stuff beautifully in the first online Nautical Marketplace! Your store includes your social media buttons that can drive traffic directly to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more so that customers can always stay connected with your brand.

Your Schooner Chandlery store URL can be placed on your promotional materials and if you already have a website, your Schooner Chandlery store can include a link that will drive essential traffic to your existing website.

So now what do I do to start selling?

1. Read Our Terms and Conditions

This policy sets out the agreement between you and Schooner Chandlery Inc.

2. Apply

Already registered as a customer?  Just MIGRATE your account!

New to the site?  REGISTER online and tell us about your brand and your products.

By the way, make sure and take care of setting up the external accounts you will want or need to use as a seller on our site!

3. Create Your Seller Profile

Tell customers your story on a Seller profile page completely dedicated to your brand and products. Do everything from your Seller Dashboard.  This Seller Dashboard can be navigated to by the drop-down menu from the "My Account" tab on the top of the page.

4. List Your Products

Make sure and fill in the details of "My Account" and "Settings" of the Seller Profile before you start listing products! Include high-quality photos of your products in your listings. If you would like to import your existing products from ather marketplace like Etsy, send us a note so we can help you do so!

5. Check Out The Site Resources

Helpful guides and resources for selling on Schooner Chandlery can be found through the Learning Center above or directly via this link!